Vibration Heating Menstrual Warmer

Vibration Heating Menstrual Warmer

Vibration Heating Menstrual Warmer

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The warmth reaches the deep part of the lower abdomen and quickly drives away the pain; the long infrared wave transfers heat to the deep layer to drive away from the pain from the source.

* Three-stage vibration massage: not only relieves aunt's pain, but also massages the waist and abdomen; the first stage is soft, the second stage is comfortable, and the third stage is strong.

* Soft and comfortable, fit and breathable: the suede delicate fabric is breathable, does not cover sweat, and has no sense of weight; light and soft, fit and breathable, without the ball.

*Suede delicate fabric: soft and comfortable, fit and breathable.

*Wireless restraint: No need for cumbersome power banks, easy to wear and go out.

*Retractable straps: elastic as you like, suitable for all kinds of body shapes.  

Material: ABS and cotton Net weight: 224g Power supply: 5V/1800mAh Heating temperature: 40/50/60°C Charging time: about 3-4 hours Vibration mode: 3 gears Control line length: 1.2


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