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Photo of Charity Ray at Women's Empowerment Center in Kenya
Hi there, my name is Charity Ray, I am the founder of Eco flow. Eco Flow is a Sustainable Period Products Store that supports sustainability, giving back to underprivileged communities, recycling, equality, women's education, freedom, body positivity, and pure feminism.
Photo of Charity overlooking the slums in Kibera
This brand is built on my personal beliefs in hopes of spreading light and positive change into the world.
In college I couch surfed to save money to volunteer in Kenya. I wanted to volunteer in Kenya and make a change. I left in 2019 by myself on a 22hour flight not knowing what to expect. Scared and broke hoping to make a difference, I found comfort in a country and culture that showed me so much love. I was blessed to be able to be apart of the Women's Program in Kibera.
Many people don't know this but in foreign countries with limited access to resources young women feel ashamed to even go to school because they lack the feminine products they need.
  Photo of women who work at the womens empowerment program in Kibera Kenya
I was so very blessed to have been apart of the Women's Empowerment Program. A program in Kibera teaching young women and teen mothers life skills to start their own business. While I was there we donated reusable pads to a girls home. It changed my life forever.
Women sitting down waiting for reusable pads at women's empowerment program in Kenya
LISTEN! Women are the CHANGE! The products we buy are just art in another form of free expression of our beliefs.
This store was inspired my involvement with the Women's Program and my own personal struggles with menstrual products.
Own it! Be an BOSS BESH and rule your period like the Queen that you are!
Thank YOU for your love and support. Peace & good vibes xoxo
Charity Ray @charityraycreates
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